Below are some of the banners we have created for our customers. They are all 9 feet wide, some are 1 foot high and the others are 18 inches high. We can design and print any size you would like. Call us today for details and a quote.  Ph: 954-290-1946



Mike Foye - 9x1.5 - Proof 3

























Laura Lafakis - 9x2 - website





























































 Joseph of Weddington




Glow in the Dark Jewelry

















Glass Art




Stone House












Todd   - FINAL



Jeff Biege












Len Jagoda




Leilani - Chef Leilana - 9x1. - Crab Cake - FINAL




Banner - 1x7 - WG




Focus Enterprises




Granys Stained Glass




Kim S. Joy - Stained Glass & Jewelry




Fun and Affordable Catering




AnnaJanessa - for website - 114 x 12




Banner - 1x7 - Billy Ray BBQ




Banner - 1x7 - DJ Shane - 2




Banner - 7x1 - deep sea fishing - 1




Banner - 1x7 - Fresh Local Produce




Banner - 1x7 - wood creations




Banner - 114 x 12 - Lickie Stickie BBQ - Fina - 1l

  1. I love my banner. It was done professionally very crisp and clean. I have to say I provided the jpeg to get the banner done. But they will tell you if the quality is good enough for them to make the banner. I ordered my banner on a Saturday and received it on a Tuesday. I was shocked, but most of all, I would like to also say, Jeff has mastered customer service. I sent them an email on Saturday expecting a response the following Monday. I not only received a quick response but was able to order my banner the same day with lightning fast receipt. I have a vendor business and I know I will need other banners sooner rather than later and I will most definitely use CanopyBanners again.

    Thanks Much
    Carol H.

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